The Bean Lab initiative is the brain child of Jagannath Kallakurchi, CEO & MD of Hyderabad-based Choice Solutions Ltd. The Bean Lab is a platform for business learners, to up-skill intellectual assets – people – through interactive, knowledge-sharing sessions and courses that are fun, inspiring, and insightful for participants.

Delivering positive outcomes at work with colleagues, customers, and partners is not necessarily restricted to a unique set of gifted individuals. It can be the shared skillset of a vast majority of a company’s workforce. This philosophy drives The Bean Lab.

The Bean Lab encourages your workforce including CXOs, top- and mid-level managers, as well as growing individuals to not just create a structured value proposition, but also stake their claim to it through a logical process.

Additionally, The Bean Lab is suitable for not only corporates and start-ups, but even students about to enter college, as well as recent graduates (UG, PG, MBA, non-MBA).